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placeholder unable to retrieve to original file in file server

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I have a file server which there is a folder call folder1, the ev service account has been removed the permission, and the another folder in this file server is working fine, we already grant back the full control to ev service account in folder1 but still cannot retrieve the original file and with the event id 6287 Unable to fetch item from "evfile2.test.local".
Reason: Access denied (0xc0041801) .

may i know how to fix it?


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Hello Ryan,

I am no FSA expert, but check below.

Does the account also has permissions on the items below that folder? You might want to try to logon to a server using the VSA, browse to the location where the placeholder is, then try to open it.

Additionally, if you know in which archive the file is supposed to be, check the permissions on the archive. Maybe permissions got removed from there.

Regards. Gertjan