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point OWA to a new EV server

Level 4
I've looked through the pdfs and don't see how to change the EV server that OWA uses. I had a pilot/test setup which worked and now want to change over to a new, real use setup.

Can someone point me to the correct manual or technote that lists the procedure to do this ?



Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Well what should happen is that when OWA initializes and reads the hidden message in a users mailbox, it should determine the EV server it has to go to from that message. If it's going to the old EV server, then its possible you haven't synchronized the users in the new environment yet. Also you may want to amend the EVServers.txt on the OWA server and re-run the configuration script so it can update the proxy configuration list

Level 4
Well, I exported my mailbox to a PST from the pilot EV setup. This generated 2 files that I then imported into the live server. I've since done a resync on the live server and looked for EVservers.txt on both the Exchange and Live EV server. I can find EVserver2000 and EVserver2003 on the live ev server, but cannot find the file on the exchange 2007 server that hosts OWA. After syncing the users on the live server I still cannot retreive vaulted emails correctly, though they work with the pilot server. I get "this archived item is currenly unavailable" with both the imported vaulted emails and emails that have been vaulted after the changeover to the live system. This is using the test mailbox that was homed on the pilot server and has been moved to the live EV server. Thanks for any help that you can give me.