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"Abnormal error" on PST migration

I am having a terrible time with the PSTs from one user. He has 11 to import, a total of 4 GB. I want to import half with no shortcuts, and the other half with shortcuts. I am using the Scripted method.

I am generating the INI files using a vbscript, so I know they are exactly the same as the ones I used with other users - all successfully.

For the 5 x PSTs that I wish to migrate with NO SHORTCUTS - two complete properly and the other three fail part way through with events 6592 and 6593. The only message is "Abnormal error occurred".

I only tried importing two of the PSTs that I want to import WITH shortcuts. They both also failed with exactly the same events.

And the other thing that happened with those is that the shortcuts got created IN THE PST FILE rather than the mailbox! Why on earth would this happen?? The Shortcut Mode is set to "MAILBOXSHORTCUTS".

This is a very bad thing to happen. I am now going to have to ask for the PSTs to be restored from backup so I can attempt the import again. Why on earth is it modifying the PST files in this way?

And what is this "Abnormal error"?

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On the shortcuts in the PST file....

Is this what happens normally? Does it create the shortcuts in the PST file and then move them to the mailbox?

So, if that is the way it works, am I only seeing shortcuts in the PST, and not in the mailbox, because the import bombed out?

If that is the case then I really need to solve these "Abnormal errors" (events 6592, 6593).

I'm on version 8.0 sp1.



No idea yet what the problem is with those PSTs. I also tried copying the PST to a new file, and moving all the items out into a new PST file - neither option helped.

I am now moving the items back into the users mailbox and archiving them from there. This works but is very tedious so I hope there won't be too many like this!

Meanwhile the other PSTs I had sceduled for today have gone in without the slightest problem.


It does sound like you had

It does sound like you had some issues! Firstly it is normal for the process to create shortcuts in the pst. What should happen then is these are moved to the mailbox. Of course if you receive abnormal error and this fails you are left with shortcuts in pst. Very annoying. The only suggestion I can give to try and work out why you receive abnormal error is to dtrace migratorserver and EVPM. Post it up and will take a look if you want to try and get to the bottom of this.

PST Errors

Check out the following article about 6593 errors during PST Migrations.

Sounds like some offending messages in the PST file.

Judy Glazier

Hi Could you post some more


Could you post some more information about the eventlog entries you see?
And can you post what's in the PST Migration Log? (Reports folder)

Also, in the TechNote Judy gave you, there is mentioned that this could be cause by corrupt items, and that a DTrace would show you which.
You should try this if you have the problem again.


Quadrotech - EV Migration and Office 365 Solutions, creators of Archive Shuttle.

Thanks for that link

I searched and searched on that error number and on all sorts of other aspects of the problem and that document did not come up. Actually perhaps I searched on both the error numbers together, but still...

It's too late to try this now as I have manually processed the PSTs, but I will be sure to try it the next time. I'm sure it was stopping on patricular messages as it did successfully archive a lot of the PSTs.




Do you need any more

Do you need any more assistance with this?
If a post solved your problem, can you mark that as the Solution?

Thanks & Regards

Quadrotech - EV Migration and Office 365 Solutions, creators of Archive Shuttle.

Hello, I'm also hit with


I'm also hit with "Abnormal Error" event 6593 from Migrator server for some PST's.
The event log message for event 6593 contains the word 0xc00cee2b and I find this also in the DTRACE:

The DTRace shows:
2062 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMAPIMsgTraverser:Smiley TonguerocessMessage (Exit). hr=<0xc00cee2b>
2063 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMAPIMsgTraverser::Traverse (Exit). hr=<0xc00cee2b>
2064 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMAPIMsgTraverser::LiberateMessage (Entry)
2065 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMAPIMsgTraverser::LiberateMessage (Exit). hr=Success [0]
2066 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMsgTraverserControl::Traverse (Exit). hr=<0xc00cee2b>
2067 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:H CSavesetSISManager::BuildItemStub _com_error exception. hr=<0xc00cee2b>
2068 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CSavesetSISManager::BuildItemStub (Exit). hr=<0xc00cee2b>
2069 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:H CSavesetSISManager:Smiley FrustratedtoreSaveset _com_error exception. hr=<0xc00cee2b>
2070 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CSavesetSISManager::RollbackSIS (Entry)
2071 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:L Commencing SIS rollback...
2072 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CSavesetSISManager::RollbackSIS (Exit). hr=Success [0]
2073 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CSavesetSISManager:Smiley FrustratedtoreSaveset (Exit). hr=<0xc00cee2b>
2074 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CVault::InsertItemInVault (Exit) |<0xc00cee2b> |
2075 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:L CPoisonPill::UnloadMsgId (Entry) |
2076 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:H CMessageRegister::RemoveIdentity Message Id: 935000000000000 00000000C40385514CE4184293BCDC79FF59500744272000 (hr=Success [0])|Register: MRMigratorServer
2077 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CPoisonPill::UnloadMsgId (Exit) |Success [0] |
2078 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:L CPPControl::UnregisterPP (Entry) |
2079 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CPPControl::UnregisterPP|Unregistering PP - 0x1acf688
2080 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <6536> EV:M CPoisonPill::MonitorProcessing (Exit) |Success [0] |
2081 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <6536> EV:M CPPMonitorThread::ThreadRoutine (Exit) |Success [0] |
2082 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CPPControl::UnregisterPP (Exit) |
2083 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CVault::InsertSaveset (Exit) |<0xc00cee2b> |
2084 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:L CSavesetPersist::ResetStorage LB: 0x2cddd60 Stg(LB): 0x1c55c0 Stg(doc): 0 File: (null)
2085 12:33:05.908 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV~E Event ID: 6593 Abnormal error occurred | |PST file: \\HBRUPW78X\C$\Documents and Settings\lgregoir\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\archive1.pst (Copy: F:\pst temp\pst25_3.db) |Archive Name: Inbox |Vault Id: 1C1240F1B870B814B9882213B424362051110000ev1 |Reference: PI/IS |
2086 12:33:05.923 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessItem (Exit) |Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff] |
2087 12:33:05.923 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessChunkOfMessages (Exit) |Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff] |
2088 12:33:05.923 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessMessages (Exit) |Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff] |
2089 12:33:05.923 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessFolders (Exit) |
2090 12:33:05.923 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessFolders (Exit) |
2091 12:33:05.923 [4704] (MigratorServer) <4316> EV:M CMigrator::MigrateFolders (Exit) |Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff] |


Same Problem

Hi, I have a same problem with the client driver migrator task.


Event ID: 6593 Abnormal error occurred | |PST file: \\L8421183\C$\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst (Copy: P:\PSTTemp\pst1_1.db) |Archive Name: Beérkezett üzenetek |Vault Id: 1465DDED437DB774BBD985AE826CF17971110000tgyarc01 |Reference: PI/IS |
3898 15:07:43.656 [7196] (MigratorServer) <8720> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessItem (Exit) |Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff] |
3899 15:07:43.656 [7196] (MigratorServer) <8720> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessChunkOfMessages (Exit) |Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff] |
3900 15:07:43.656 [7196] (MigratorServer) <8720> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessMessages (Exit) |Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff] |
3901 15:07:43.656 [7196] (MigratorServer) <8720> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessFolders (Exit) |
3902 15:07:43.656 [7196] (MigratorServer) <8720> EV:M CMigrator:Smiley TonguerocessFolders (Exit) |

Any Idea?

(SEV 8.0.2)

BR, Peter

Hi, Can the previous two

Hi, Can the previous two posters log there own posts with the information.  You may receive the same event ID but the cause when broken down could well be different. Also if someone does solve your issue you cannot reward them and mark as solved.