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"No vaults available. Contact your help desk"

I have a user that I can't get the vault cache to display for. The page where you would normally select with vaults to show in outlook says "There are no vaults available for you to display in the outlook navigation pane" This was working previously for this user, but the computer account in AD was removed and the user was running on a cached AD credentials... they rejoined it and now the Virtual Vault won't display.

At first the cache wouldn't sync. It would just say "failed" 
I tried to reset the cache, that made the virtual vault disappear
Close and re-open outlook and try to enable the vault, and it says it's already enabled, but it's not there.. and the option is missing to display it..

any ideas?
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Re: "No vaults available. Contact your help desk"

Have you tried synchronizing the mailbox from the Archiving Task properties? It may be that the permissions are out of synch between the mailbox and the Archive

Re: "No vaults available. Contact your help desk"

I just deleted the windows profile and started over on the machine. Something was way out of whack on the desktop. 

Running scanpst.exe to repair their MDC file should fix it.

I've had this happen multiple times over the last several months.  I have been able to fix it each time by closing Outlook and running scanpst.exe on the user's MDC file in their Vault Cache folder.  We have seen an increased number of corrupt OST files and Vault Cache corruption which we believe to be related to an issue in Diskeeper.  There is an updated release of Diskeeper that our SCCM admin just pushed out which resolves a known issue that corrupts OST files and SQL databases.  It is too early to know if this resolves the problem completely, if at all.

You can find the user's MDC file under their user profile folder.  If they have access to multiple Vaults in Outlook they will have multiple MDC files, and you will need to match their MDC file name to their Vault Archive ID (GUID) value.  You can find the latter in the EV Console by going to the Exchange Mailbox folder under Archives, right-clicking their username and clicking on the Advanced Tab.


Under Windows 7/Vista you can find their MDC file under:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\KVS\Enterprise Vault\<string_value>\

Under Windows XP ou can find their MDC file under:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\KVS\Enterprise Vault\<string_value>\


I have also seen this


Re: "No vaults available. Contact your help desk"


I am facing same issue with my users, actually my environment is exchange 2013 DAG 3 servers and two EV 12.2 servers in same domain for example and email address like But all users in different domain like All users accessing emails on MS Outlook 2013 x64 (with Exchange MAPI connection). When they open outlook its prompt password and user enter their email address and email password and successfully login with Exchange server. I performed archiving task and old emails successfully archived. When installed Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In also prompt password for EV server then user enter same email address and email password. When synchronizing Vault Cache show error No vaults available. Contact your help desk but users can successfully loin on web address with same email address and email password


Please help me