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"Store in Vault" unavailable, intermittently

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Enterprise Vault on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Exchange 2013
Some users report being unable to do Store in Vault. When they try, they get a message box pop up:
"Enterprise Vault
"Could not process the selected items.
"Reason: Enterprise Vault is currently unavailable. Try again later."

Messages continue to be archived successfully by the Exchange mailbox archiving tasks, however, and the users can access EVS and open archived items successfully.

I found this article:
but all the solutions look like the problem would be affecting everybody, not just some people.

I checked the solutions anyway.

Solution 1 worked a few times for at least some users, but the problem recurred after a day or so.

The other solutions don't appear to be relevant.

Any ideas? Thanks for reading this.



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Hello John,

are these users archives in the same vault store? If yes, what is the performance of that server during the day? It might be a lack of resources. Can it be servers have a large storage queue? Is the targetstorage 'fast' enough? Is the network between users pc and ev reliable (and fast enough)? Any "strange" events on the EV (or SQL) server that stand out?

Do you have SQL Maintenance Plans running on the databases? I have seen this issue at customers which don't run the maintenance regularly. Check this (SQL Best Practice guide). Specifically the part about the Vault Store Databases. There is a limit: The maximum number of items that may be stored in a single vault store database during its lifetime is 2,147,483,647. You might be getting close if this is a long running installation.


Regards. Gertjan

I've been trying to get the answers to your questions.  Sorry it's taking some time.  It's been a while now so I thought I'd let you know what I have so far although it is incomplete.

We have four vault stores.  The problem has been reported by some but by no means all users with archives on all of these.

None of the servers looks too busy during the day.

There is plenty in the event logs on all four EV servers. Nothing seems to correspond in time to failed attempts to do Store in Vault, however. There are a couple of recurring events that are vague enough to make me wonder if they're connected, though:

3430 A request has been made to restart all the MAPI tasks. There was a MAPI error from which Enterprise Vault cannot recover without restarting the tasks.

41521 Enterprise Vault Search cannot perform certain operations. Check that all Enterprise Vault services are running. Average one or two a day.

Unfortunately I can't see in the event log "Veritas Enterprise Vault" what MAPI error it cannot recover from, and any time I check, all Enterprise Vault services are running.

I did find an article (100013533) about 3430s every 15 minutes but these are not as often as that:


How many 3430s

How many 41521s

Over how many days


















I have checked the client log for one that gets the failure, and there is something there:

27/05/2021 09:45:32.287[117472][H]: User initiated manual archive action

27/05/2021 09:45:36.667[128996][H]: HTTP request error: 366 (503)

27/05/2021 09:45:36.668[128996][H]: Connect failed: 0x80004005

27/05/2021 09:46:12.928[138320][H]: Successfully contacted the EV web server using: http://*******/EnterpriseVault

27/05/2021 09:50:18.285[117472][H]: User initiated manual archive action

27/05/2021 09:50:26.065[154372][H]: HTTP request error: 366 (503)

27/05/2021 09:50:26.066[154372][H]: Connect failed: 0x80004005

27/05/2021 09:55:19.189[117472][H]: User initiated manual archive action

27/05/2021 09:55:21.804[171744][H]: HTTP request error: 366 (503)

27/05/2021 09:55:21.804[171744][H]: Connect failed: 0x80004005


Thanks for reading this.  I'll post answers to your other questions when I have them.

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Hello John,

The http error (when searched in Google) gets 2 interesting returns.

The 2nd one is easiest to try. It is to re-enter the Vault Service Account password in the Console.

Logon to an EV server using the Vault Service Account. Open the console. Rightclick the Site Name. Select tab ServiceAccount. re-enter the pasword for the VSA. Click Apply, Ok. Check that it is done on all EV servers. Then restart ALL ev services on each server. 

Then test again.

If that does not help, I advise to raise a support case. They are able to investigate more deeply, with additional logging etc.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks, I will give that another try (sounds like the same fix as Solution 1 of and if it doesn't stay fixed I'll take the hint and raise a support case.

All the best

- John