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restore of a single item after deletion by storage expiry

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i have the old partition backup and old copy of DB. i need to only restore 100 emails

whats the best option?

1. evsvr repair?

2. restore copy of old vault store db...

- do i need to restore directory db - not require i should think as i have the archive id(not delete)

- during after hours put ev into backup mode(read only) and amend vaultstore entry to point to restored vault store db with saveset records

- would a dumpsaveset work?

Thanks so much


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the problem is you can only restore the whole database.

Maybe Veritas has a tool to look for specific users (archiveid), and restore only these, but i doubt it. If this was possible you could then use evsvr to verify DB References and only copy the missing savesets back. After this evsvr > Repair Database References & evsvr >repair DatabaseLinkages.

Another way would be to restore the partitions and EV Server + Database in a testenvironment

fix the different names/IPs, sou you could access the users archive 

Export Mails out of the archive to PST.

then copy and import the PST in the productive environment.


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Thanks for the reply buddie!

We didn't go with EVSVR as we didn't want to touch the prod db. However restoring vault store and dir db to an alternate spare SQL server worked together with installing EV (same version) on the same spare sql box. This saved the hassle of waiting for "downtime" to point existing EV to alternate DB and less risk

- amended the restored Dir DB ptn  entry table to point to prod partitions(unc path) on the actual ev server

- changed some root path entries to the restored partitions i.e. data expired in 2008 was restored to alternate location and shared out.

- There was a trick to getting the prod EV alias to point to the restore ev server by amending the  restored EV hostfile and amending computername alternate in the Directory DB computer entry table.

- Lastly like in a DR scenario run EV Configuration Wizard as new and it will find an existing EV Dir DB and "repair" the entries and start up the Admin and Directory and then set EV into backup mode before bringing up the Storage service.

-Checked that restored SQL DB had the saveset id's and then tested a few restores by doing dumpsaveset and then restored via Archive export wizard.

Brief steps here documented:

and ( had to clear entries in Dir DB  and manually amend computer entry table which was not mentioned in first article) 

Really good to have this standby box environment ready to go at all times - just need to restore partition data/EV DB's  to get it to work. 

tldr Followed scenario 2 ( DR EV )  and amending hostfile on spare EV server was the key  (as per


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Hi Merv,

nice feedback, it is always useful to summarize the steps that were taken.

I am glad if I could assist