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single file server targeting two EV server

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Dear Team,

We are going to deploy Enterprise Vault servers for our below setup need your guidance

We have two sites Mumbai and Pune
Both sites are in same active directory domain
Two NetApp storage for each site -File servers
One DFS jump host has been configured for both location and located at Mumbai
We want to configure Enterprise Vault for file system archiving on windows DFS with backend NAS NetApp
We are planning to deploy two different SQL servers for each site
Pune EV server will archive the file share configured on Pune NetApp storage and Mumbai ev server will archive file share configured on Mumbai Netapp separately


We have following queries
Can we have same EV vault directory database for two different EV sites or we should go with two different vault directory database?
What are pros and cons
Can we add single physical DFS jump host as a target on two different EV servers? This is to distribute a workload
Can we add single file server with Multiple EV Servers? (either single directory or different directory database)


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First, I am not an FSA expert. Second, have you seen this document : DFS and FSA

Have you checked the compatibility guide already? That has the below remrk:

Supports only the addition of physical file server paths hosting DFS shares as archiving targets.
Does not support the addition of DFS Namespace as an archiving target.
Supports access to placeholders from client computer using DFS virtual namespace.
Archive Explorer and Browser Search display the full physical file server path and not the DFS "virtual" path.


I believe that for archiving fileservers, you define specific locations you want to archive. It should therefor be possible to use 1 EV site (i.e. 1 Directory database). This does depend on the connection in between! Having 2 EV sites (i.e one full install on each site, with it's own directory database etc) probably is easier to configure, but might be harder to manage. If you plan to run 1 EV site, I would install and configure EV in 1 site first. then add an EV server in the 2nd site. If possible, create a seperate Vault Store Group and Vault Store on that 2nd server. This allows you to place the belonging databases on a 2nd SQL server in that other site. The directory database will be in site1, as will the monitoring and audit, fingerprint and vaultstore db for that site, site2 will have a fingerprint and vault store db only. obviously, indexes and storage should also be in the site where the ev server is.

Again, I am not an FSA specialist. I advise to seek assistance from a partner who has FSA knowledge, or from Veritas itself, to have your design questions answered. Better spend some money on verifying your design, then having to worry about performance, issues etc after you installed.

Good luck!


Regards. Gertjan