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support for exchange 2013 cu9 with EV 11

hi guys,


any news abiut the support of cu9 of exchange 2013 on EV 11?



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Hi Primisuimotori, It will

Hi Primisuimotori,


It will be as per usual (Page 7 of the Compatibility Guide, exceprt below), unfortunately we do not have any definitive dates around compatbility for CU9 at this point in time:-


We try to provide support for new releases from Microsoft in those areas within 90 days after the general availability of the releases from Microsoft.

In some cases, support may take longer than this, but we try to meet this objective to provide our customers the best interoperability with Microsoft

Hi Primisuimotori, As per

Hi Primisuimotori,

As per latest compatibility guide TECH38537 (Page no 42), Exchange 2013 CU9 is supported with EV 11.0 SP1 CHF1 OR later.



and I stand well and truly

and I stand well and truly corrected.

Missed that, I do not know how but I did.