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the Vault Cache Diagnostics page is not shown result

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After upgrading to version 14.1.2 our the "Vault Cache Diagnostics" page does not show any entry.

I check SQL database and there are 18000 entries

select * from ClientVCDiagnostics
order by LogDate

 I checked this Viewing the Vault Cache Diagnostics page and I meet all requirement

again, I'm asking help


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Hello. I am not sure you can dtrace it, but there might be some logging avalable. I have found that sometimes when such a page does not open, it has to do with permissions on the ASP folders. You might want to check, and grant full access to the VSA account on those.

Regards. Gertjan

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Hi Gertjan,

I can view the page but it does not have any result. I compare with ExchangeArchivingReports.aspx they have the same NTFS permission.

I add this issue with the service call I open with archiving issues.

I'll give feedback when it is resolved

Again thanks for help.