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the search could not be performed due to the index not being searchable.

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Hello All,


thanks for the time.  we have been doing some DA searches and we are constantly seeing this whether it's a single keyword or multiple...and each time its different archives.  I rebuilt a few but new ones show up.  with either of the following errors:

"the search could not be performed due to the index not being searchable." 


"index search failed: %1 Index: %3 Internal reference: %2 (0xc0041c0e)"


I have been doing some research and I've come across a few articles to change the up PoolUsageMaximum registry key... I changed it to 50% ... still same issue. restarted DA server.  updated memory. 

Also saw some with articles said to change the date time format to a period... however that is already the case.

Lastly saw this one

said to update the 10.0.4 CH3... at the moment we are at 10.0.3...  can I install the hotfix without upgrading to 10.0.4 ... meaning will the hotfix automatically update the app to 10.0.4 or will I need to go to 10.0.4 ...then do the cumulative.  we were thinking of moving to 11 soon... 


thanks for again for the time and effort.



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you have to go to 10.0.4 and then install CFH3. CFH3 is essentially all the post 10.0.4 hotfixes and updates bundled up with a single installer.

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Your ev server might be getting pegged and running out of resources. How much memory and CPU do you have on the EV sever?