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user EV mailbox lost after transfer

Level 5

I have one user who was transfer to the local office from another location.

The previous engr who was managing the EV transfer his EV mailbox from old office to the new office EV mailbox.

Apparently he encountered some issue during the transfer. Right now we cannot locate his mailbox in the EV at both the old and new domain(EV).


Level 6

Make sure the user is covered by a provisioning group target on the destination site, run the provisioning task in Normal mode.

Was this a mailbox move in Exchange or are you referring to Move Archive? It reads as if you have two EV installations so you may want to consider move-archive to make sure the content from EV1 is available in  EV2.


Level 5

I have only one EV installation. The move is from HkgAlex to SinAlex based on the domain name.