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virtualization of FSA target server

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Hello everyone,

one of my customers need to virtualize a FileServer FSA target.

It's a windows 2012 with SCSI connected data disks.
Once virtualized, the scsi disks will be attached to the esx host and connected as RAW to the converted VM.
Having said that, i ask you if this operation can affect it in some way EV archive/link or if we need to do any preventive/posthumous operations in order not to run into problems of pointing between data and archives.




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I'm assuming that the 'new' server will keep the original name of file server?

I would think that if everything remains the same, hostname, storage paths, permissions, etc..then you won't have to do anything on the EV side to keep things working.

If data is going to be re-organized in any way (ex. consolidated drives or folders, share name changes, etc) then you will end up having to repair shortcuts which can be done with the FSAUtility.