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without access to old mail located in different storage

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we have 600 users and migration of moving old email to a cheaper storage was applied, but now we need to get the mail that has over 3 years when stored is asking username and password to these emails, the store is on the same server EV 11.0.1 CHF 5, storage is on the same server EV is just another logical drive, any idea why this is happening?


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Hi, Maybe if you can help to elaborate your question with more details. TBH, I was lost in between. 

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hello as I commented have installed EV version 11.0.1 with 600 mailboxes Microsoft Exchange 2010 EV have 4 partitions on the same server, the server will add an external hard drive to move all major items to 3 years not having them in the SAN which is very expensive, since the post office moved to this new album is asking username and password in these emails (items) greater than 3 years data and still reapplies the same data are made if I give you cancel send error, the access to external drive works correctly, I would like to know how to return the mail (items) that moved to secondary storage or solve the problem.

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If I understand you right you want to move to cheaper storage.

Therefore you need to move partitions.

If you dont want to get rid of the SAN storage you can still use it for indexing, to keep a fast search.

To move partitions

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I assume you talking about the secondary storage device used for migration of older EV items


The Vault Service account must have full access to this storage location so just browse to the UNC path and check permissions