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Employee Accredited CPEP

 What is CPEP?

  • The Veritas Customer and Partner Engagement Program (CPEP) provides an open platform for customers and partners to work directly with different teams at Veritas through various interactions.  The program allows customers and partners to make their voices heard, provide feedback on our development, gain early access to upcomging products / features, and discuss their most critical requirements all while shaping the future of the products that they themselves use every day.


 Who can join CPEP?

  • CPEP is open to all Veritas customers and partners, as well as potential Veritas customers who are interested in providing open, honest, candid, and constructive feedback.


How do I join CPEP?


Can more than one person from a single company join CPEP?

  • Yes, there are no limits to how many individuals from one company can sign up and participate in CPEP.


Is there a cost to join CPEP?

  • Absolutely not.  It is 100% free to join and take part in CPEP


Do I need to renew my membership with CPEP every year?

  • No, you do not.  Your membership automatically renews and you can unsubscribe at any time.


How is CPEP useful to me?

  • CPEP is the opportunity for you to make your voice heard.  Depending on what products or features you are interested in, you can participate in a number of interactions with the product teams (like engineers, product managers, user researchers, etc.) and provide input on what your most critical requirements are.  This is your opportunity to work directly with us and influence these solutions to make sure they are addressing everything you need and aligning to your requirements.  By joining the program you may also be eligible for a number of incentives as they become available.


I have a question, how do I contact the CPEP team?


Does CPEP only cover a specific product at Veritas?

  • CPEP includes ALL of our products and solutions, as well as upcoming products that are not yet released to the market.  We even hold interactions on non-feature related items such as Licensing, support, documentation, etc.


Is there a limit on how many interactions I can participate in?

  • No, you can participate in as many interactions as you like, as long as you are willing to provide feedback.


Is there a minimum required amount of interactions I need to participate in to stay in the program?

  • No, we know everyone has a different schedule, this program is meant to be entirely at your own pace.  So you can participate whenever you have the time.


I moved companies, but still work with Veritas products, can I stay in the program?

  • Yes, you absolutely can.  Just email us at and send us your new details, we’ll follow up with any additional questions and get you re-enrolled.


How are participants selected for certain interactions?

  • When you register for CPEP we ask you to identify areas of interest, such as products, overarching features or themes, and workloads.  We will then match you accordingly with the right product team whenever an interaction becomes available.


What type of interactions are available for me to participate in?

  • Interactions include, but are not limited to:

Interaction type



Sprint Demo / Sprint Review (Development Demo)

Development teams showcase their latest work on specific products, solutions, and features for progressive improvement and future enhancements.

•       Web-Conference

•       On-Demand OR Recurring (Depending on product team)

•       Group setting OR 1 on 1 (Depending on product team)

•       Typically 60 minute duration

Product Overview / Demo

Solution presentations by product management to provide updates on products and features, and driving discussions around the value proposition, key benefits, and future roadmaps.

•       Web-Conference

•       On-Demand

•       Group setting OR 1 on 1 (Depending on product team)

•       Typically 60 minute duration

Q&A Interview / Research Interview

Requirements gathering and concept validation interviews by the product teams.

•       Phone OR web-conference

•       On-Demand

•       1 on 1 engagement

•       Typically 60 minute duration

Usability Testing

Participants use the software OR a working prototype to performance specific tasks while the team observes.  Participants and the team often take a few moments for Q&A.

•       Web-Conference

•       On-Demand

•       Group setting OR 1:1

•       Typically 60-90 minute duration.

Online Survey

Research questionnaire conducted by product, support, and even licensing teams to understand specific customer requirements / use-cases.

•       Online

•       On-Demand

•       Individually completed

•       Duration varies based on the survey

On-Site Visit

Face-to-face visits to discuss roadmap, environment requirements , challenges, and possible solutions.

•       In-Person

•       On-Demand

•       Customer specific

•       Duration varies based on the engagement

Proof of Concept

Feasibility study involving the implementation and usage of certain solutions in a customer’s environment

•       In-Person

•       On-Demand

•       Customer specific

•       Duration varies based on POC Scope

Alphas / Betas

Early access and deployment of specific products or features.  Often followed by other interactions (eg. Q&A Interview, Online Survey, etc.)

•       Customer owned activity

•       On-Demand

•       Customer specific

•       Duration varies depending on the product team