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Top 5 things our customers are thinking about

Employee Accredited CPEP


Want to know what your peers in the information management industry are thinking about and planning for? We did too.  So, we asked a bunch of industry professionals what was top of mind right now, and here is what they said. Many thanks to all of you who participated in our CPEP survey!

Understanding customer priorities

The importance of understanding the top priorities Veritas customers face today spurred the CPEP team to launch a survey asking customers and partners about the key industry trends in which they’re most interested.

More than 60 customers and partners responded to the survey (11 percent response rate). Here’s an overview of what they said:

Respondents identified the top five trends they’re paying the most attention to:

  1. Integration with other service providers
  2. Analytics/reporting
  3. Remote and branch office management
  4. Tape replacement
  5. Data center consolidation

The top three respondents were:

  1. Administrators (Backup, Storage, Infrastructure, System Engineers)
  2. Professional Services (Support, Consultants)
  3. Architects (Solution, Software)

Respondent GEOs:

  1. 50 percent AMS
  2. 36 percent EMEA
  3. 14 percent APJ

The top three industries of most importance included:

  1. Financial services
  2. Healthcare
  3. Public sector

What does this mean for you?

PoweredbyCPEP.jpgDo these trends align with the direction of your business? Veritas focuses on addressing them with a powerful and continually evolving suite. Start a conversation with our product teams.

Hyper-converged solutions such as the Veritas Access Appliance fit perfectly in the healthcare and public sector space, and new solutions such as CloudPoint take the company’s 30+ years of experience in data protection and puts it into a brand new playing field.

Check out the complete results of the survey for additional insight and feel free to visit cpep.veritas.comif you would like to participate in similar studies in the future.