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Auto renewal is flawed

I don't remember agreeing to automatic renewal of my Norton 360.  While I really like the protection & customer support I've received in the past, I think you should be more transparent in your renewal process.  I wouldn't have known that you had charged my credit card if I had not checked my statement. Since my Norton subscription had not yet expired, & I had received no notification that I would be automatically renewed, this $75 charge was a bit of a surprise.  My email address has not changed, & I have checked my Spam folder in the past week.  This business practice feels sneaky.  Please be more forthright in the future.

Furthermore, when I tried to contact Norton to share these comments, the process was so controlled that I could not just send  comment/question about the renewal process.  I was asked for information I did not have, like a renewal order number. (I never had one, it was done automatically.) Without this number, I was not allowed to continue. 

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Please visit Norton Support

Please visit Norton Support for your issue. Feel free to use the online chat, email, or phone for contacting Norton Customer Care.


BTW, this forum is for enterprise product support.