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Blank Popup Windows After Symantec Uninstall

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Good afternoon,

I recently uninstalled a Symantec antivirus client on a computer that is a hand-me-down from a friend, running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. After uninstalling the program, I now have multiple blank popup windows that occur infrequently - there is no information inside and the taskbar shows a completely blank icon except for the Symantec logo. Multiple reboots have been unsuccessful in remedying the problem. The program is also still listed in the Programs option in Control Panel. I don't have any of the original install discs so I can't reinstall/remove it again to see if that corrects any issues.

Any advice from anyone who has dealt with similar issues? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.


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After removing symantec some virus may have infected your pc. just to be clear install symantec again and update it. after taht scan it in safe mode.

you can check the startup objects and also use process explorer to have a look on the process while that popup windows appears.