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Cannot submit a case on

Level 2

I have been trying to submit a tech support case online with Symantec since Friday, 8/10.  Tried again today.  No help.   Sometimes I get an Apache server error page and sometimes I get this:



MySupport Application Error

The MySupport application has encountered a program error. You can either try again or contact  Symantec Technical Services 

Thank you for your patience.

Assume I cannot hear or talk.  I am dead in the water.  It's pretty disconcerting that a multinational tech company cannot get its online tech support case submission app running.

I have tried multiple browsers multiple times to no avail.  HALP!!


Level 4

Check this fourms

call up the customer care number from the link

for technical support email to, however note that case should be open before sending an email. The case number should be in the Subject Line


Symantec Customer Business Operations case responses from Customer Support will be sent from