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Could I please get some help?

Level 2
I have been trying to restore an old computer ( it is still on dial up) so I can put it on DSL & update it.  (Not this computer)  I bought a virus protector  Norton Professional 2001 new, installed it, registered it but I can't download the huge updates on the dial up connection.  Does Norton still provide a V Box installer to hold the updates for you?  I stayed on line a couple days in a row for like 3-4 hours but when I lose the connection the update goes back to zero.  I know Norton use to install a V Box to help and wondered if they still offered that or maybe something I don't know about to update this computer so I can continue to upgrade and get it on DSL.  Any help would be appreciated.  Or any place on this site that I can go to for support on this issue would also be helpful. 

Level 6
Your best option for getting answers to your question is in the Norton Community. You can access it here:  This is actually a forum for users of Symantec's business products.


Level 2

If youa re residing in the US you may call our norton department number: 1 800 695 0678.
If you are from UK you can dial: +44 (0)20 7616 5600


Level 2
Thanks, I'll try that.  So far I've tried two different 800 numbers for Norton.  One refers you to a website that is useless, on the other 800 # I called at 9:00 a.m. and was still on hold at 1:00 p.m..  I think Norton has one of the best products on the market but the customer support has always been a problem for me with every product I've bought.  Thankfully, most of them work well without help.

Level 4
You might want to check this site

the section XVI

"XVI. Installing Virus Definition Files Manually

If you do not want Intelligent Updater to install the new virus
definitions for you automatically, you can use the /DUMP command to
extract the virus definition files, then copy the appropriate files
to the virus definitions folder.

Installing Virus Definition Files Manually
1. Copy the Intelligent Updater program (yyyymmdd-vvv-I32.EXE or
    yyyymmdd-vvv-X86.EXE) to an empty, temporary folder.
2. Launch the Intelligent Updater program using the /DUMP command.
    For the yyyymmdd-vvv-X86.EXE file, use the /EXTRACT command.
    This will extract all the virus definitions to the folder. For
    example, type yyyymmdd-vvv-I32.EXE /DUMP to extract the files. Or
    type yyyymmdd-vvv-X86.EXE /EXTRACT [path] where path represents
    the current directory. The yyyymmdd represents the date of the
    definition set. The vvv represents the version number.  For example,
    the filename could be 20021231-001-I32.EXE for a December 31
    definition set.
3. Copy the files to the virus definition folder.  Copy the files to
    this location:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs\Incoming\

    NOTE: Copy the file ZDONE.DAT last. This file signals Norton
    AntiVirus that the definition set has been completely loaded. If
    it is not loaded last, it may cause errors."

Level 6
You should be able to just put this computer on your DSL ,  then just make sure you run the updates first before going to any websites. FYI, if you going to Comcast DSL,  Comcast customers can now get Norton Security free with their Comcast high-speed internet subscription.


Level 3
Why such a old version of Norton i am sure 2001 is no longer supported.  Get NIS 2010