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Custom rules for a program using a VPN connection?

 Hello all! I tried to do a search but most of the results seems like gibberish to a security-newbie like me, so here goes:

I've been trying to find a guide that I could follow to make some sort of rule for the program I most often use with my VPN-connection. I would like for the program to either get shut down (most likely not within NIS2010's power?) or preferably have NIS2010 stop or block all traffic from that program in case my VPN-connection dies all of a sudden.

Does a guide for this exist, would some kind soul mind writing me a quick guide as a response to this thread or is it just not possible for NIS2010 to do this? I have seen some guides for Comodo Internet Security that does just what I want, but I really don't want to go back to Comodo. :)

Thanks in advance, guys! :)
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You may want to try posting

You may want to try posting your question in the Norton community where you may find more information Norton experts are more likely to see your question there and help you.

 Ok, didn't realize I was in

 Ok, didn't realize I was in the wrong place... ;)