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DNS Down

Testing SEP version 12.1.399.4350 on a VMware workstation using Server 2008 R2 with XP clients and functioning fine. Downloaded the upgrade 12.1.601.4699 and attempted installation, three times I tried and DNS failed every time, error id: 4015. Is anyone else having this problem? Got any suggestions?

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Try posting this issue in the

Try posting this issue in the Symbeta forum -

This is the general Symantec forum, development will not see your posts here.




Forum in Symbeta?

I don't see a forum in Symbeta, which is why I'm in here.

Click on the Symantec

Click on the Symantec Endpoint 12.1 link, then you will see the user forums on the left side column.

Got it

Thanks for the direction Thomas.