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Do I need an SSL certificate for a website that allows people to make donations over the web?

It is technically a foundation, a non profit organization website, which will allow people to make donations for the cause. Is purchasing an SSL certificate for this site a good idea?
How much will it cost me?

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A SSL cert is a good idea. Vist the Verisgn site

A SSL cert is a good idea. Vist the Verisgn site for information -

If you need a SSL cert, visit the Verisign site and try a fully functional SSL Certificate FREE for 14 days.

Pricing -

As another option, you might consider using Paypal to accept donations. it takes all the burden off you and your IT staff to maintain a secure website. I integrated it into some of my past customer's websites, and never had an issue.


I am moving this thread to the General Forum, this forum is for Symantec Network Access Control (SNAC).