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Doing Windows update on Ghost image


I have created ghost images for different Dell laptop sometime ago. Because windows updates are always constant,  i was hoping  that i can do the windows updates to the image itself instead of creating an entire image again. I saw this article saying that the only solution is to create the entire image again with the newest windows update. The following is the link to the article i read (

I hope i can get a more effiecient solution to the issue i am facing. Thank you

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Dion, Currently, there is no


Currently, there is no way to "slipstream" Windows updates into an image, or along with the image deployment, but there is a more effective solution than a complete rebuild of the image.  Here is the method I recommend:

1. Create your model machine with the appropriate software load.

2. Use Ghost to make a backup image. By this, I mean an image created without using Sysprep.

3. Make a deployable image (with Sysprep).

So now you have two images, one backup and the current deployable image. After Windows updates are released that you deem necessary, here is the method for updating the image:

1. Deploy the non-Sysprepped backup image to a machine.

2. Install appropriate updates.

3. Recreate the non-Sysprepped backup image. This replaces the backup image made in #2 above.

4. Make a deployable image (with Sysprep). This now becomes the current image for deployment.

This method has several advantages. First, you don't have to duplicate the tedious work of having to rebuild your basic image. Second, reverting to the backup image prior to updating keeps the Windows rearm count from increasing with each update (the rearm count is the maximum number of times Sysprep can be ran on an installation of Windows).

Thank you,

Randall Newnham

Hi Randall Thank You for your

Hi Randall

Thank You for your reply. But i have a question, because everytime i recreate the image, i would try the image on the same laptop. So i dont think the Sysprep would affect me. Is there any other way, i can increase efficiency with Ghost?




Dion, If you are not using


If you are not using Sysprep, that doesn't seem to be a suggestion that would help. It wouldhelp to know your process before I make suggestions, and whether or not we are looking at a deployment scenario. Isd this image meant to be distributed among many machines? Hopw often are you doing this? A detailed description of how your using Ghost and your purpose for doing so would help me know where to start.

Hi Randall SOrry for the late

Hi Randall

SOrry for the late reply. 

Steps to deploy laptop

Step 1: Plug in a ghost USB device and ghost the laptop with the images inside.

Step 2: Join domain and do windows update. 

Step 3: Configure applications.

Steps to create image

Step 1: Reformat a laptop with the image

Step 2: Do the windows update 

Step 3: Activate syprep with the following code on the cmd ( make sure the unattend file is present)

C:\Windows\System32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown /unattend:C:\Windows\System32\sysprep\UnattendAPJ.xml

Step 4: Create the image with the ghost suite solution and remove the old version


As you can see, the process is very tedious and it takes up a lot of time when we are doing the windows update. There will always be windows update so my boss wants the update to be done monthly. So that we do not stick with the very old image and take more time with the windows updates.

Rondall does this help? smiley



WSUS Offline Update is a very simple way to perform updates on a system that is not connected to the internet. Simply choose your operating system information, download the appropriate updates, burn them to a disk or flash drive, and run the tool on the system requiring updates. 

It will scan for current updates and install the appropriate Windows updates on your system. 


Regards, Boston Bruce

Hi BonstonBruce Thank you for

Hi BonstonBruce

Thank you for your respond on my post, but i do not believe this actually helps my process of getting a updated verion of the ghost image.