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Error: Support ID is invalid

Im trying to log a case and get an error that the support id is not valid.

I confirmed the support ID with customer care and said that it is correct.

Please help. thanks

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PM me your company name,

PM me your company name, address and contact information. I will see if I can figure out what is going wrong.




Invalid support ID

You have to check if the account is link to the support id that the customer is using in logging a support case

Verify if the contact is added as the technical contact of the company. If not, customer may go to the site below to manage technical contact. Once the request of adding or replacing technical contact, the support ID will now be associated to the account

Please note that the product associated with the suport id should have valid support as well. This is one factor why the support id is invalid


Florence Q.

A customer of mine also

A customer of mine also experienced the same issue. Support ID is valid and has valid support. What we did was, we used the contact ID associated to his email address. He manage to create a case.

 If you want to try creating technical case using your contact ID, kindly pm me your email address that is registered with Symantec and the company name.