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Exam and asessment differences

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What differences between Netbackup Certification exam and Netbackup STS assessment? May the "Veritas NetBackup for Unix" STS assessment used as a test exam while preparing to take the "Exam 250-265: Data Protection Administration for UNIX using NetBackup 6.5"?






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The Symantec Accreditation program (e.g. SSE and STS exams) is different from the Symantec Certification program.


Symantec Certification is created specifically for end users who administer and manage Symantec technologies and is an industry benchmark for skills and knowledge of Symantec products and solutions.


I would not encourage candidates to think that the STS exams can be used to prepare for Symantec Certification exams, as they are developed for different target audiences with different exam objectives.


While partners may choose to complete end user certification, there is no Symantec PartnerProgram benefit for them in doing so. To achieve benefits and program levels, partners are required to participate in the Symantec Technical Specialist and Sales Expert accreditation programs. Accreditation assessments are available exclusively via PartnerNet for Symantec



For questions about the accreditation program with regard to the STS and SSE exams, please email {removed email address to reduce spam}.

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I agree to the points of  Baverly ven de Velde.
Sym Certification is for End Users whereas STS is for partners

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Exam Details
# of Questions: 88
Exam Duration: 110 minutes
Passing Score: 53%
Suggested Preparation
Below includes the recommended preparation to achieve this level of expertise.

* Exam Objectives (PDF)
* Sample Exam
* The study guide is targeted for those who have attended the recommended 5 day training course. This self-study guide summarizes the key lessons and topics in the corresponding certification exam
* Recommended 12 months of hands-on experience using NetBackup
* Familiarity with with the administration and configuration of a UNIX operating system supported by NetBackup
* Product documentation for NetBackup 6.5
* Preparation Time for Certification Exams
* For information on the format of our exams, please visit our Certification FAQs

Recommended Course:

* Veritas NetBackup 6.5 for UNIX, Administration

Other Recommended Courses:

* Veritas Backup and Restore Concepts
* NetBackup 5.x to 6.x Differences
* Upgrading NetBackup 6.0 to 6.5 for UNIX and Windows
* NetBackup 6.x Troubleshooting Techniques

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hope they could also separate the SEPM administration exam into two.. Vendors and Clients..

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What have u posted???

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hey can anyone tell me what is the difference between assesment and Audit?

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Netbackup STS assessment now is Prometric exam  (from Nov-2009) as the other STS assessments on Symantec products.
NetBackup Certification exam is SCS - for IT-Pro individuals.

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I still don't get the significance of having an STS for PartnerNet members. And it used to be free.

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Having STS onboard is additional money for the partner = partners will have more % off the price when ordering certain products.

When STS was free and online - any partner could get STS. No matter was the exam passed on the first attempt or on 8th :) More than that - it was not the person who logged to PartnerNet actually passing the test.

Result - lots of STS for partner, good prices, BUT NO actual specialists! When it comes to Symantec products deployment - nobody was able to do it. There were no real STS.

Passing STS on Prometric helps to ensure that Partner will invest in sepcialist education and will have ability to support customers.