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Firefox Tracking Cookies

Why can't Symantec properly handle tracking cookies in Firefox?

I checked the forums and this has been an issue for over 6 months.

Every morning I see a big warning screen about trackware that is at an unknown location and the action taken is to leave it alone.

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Let me know what Symantec

Let me know what Symantec product and version you are using, and I will move this thread to the correct forum.

If this is SEP 11, a fix was included in RU6.


Tracking cookies are detected but filenames are not displayed
Fix ID: 1826582
Symptom: Whenever a Cookie is detected its File-name and Location are displayed as Unavailable.
Solution: When the information of the Anomaly is extracted, a check for its Remediation-type is done. The Check for Cookies was missing and has been added.