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Ghost 2003 stopping during a restore

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I hope someone can help
I am trying to restore from a ghost image on to a sata hard drive in an usb hard drive caddy using a laptop but for some reason the restore either gets to 45% complete or 65 % then stops. No error message or any warning at all and I have to shut down the pc and start again. I have to reformat the sata hard drive as the data is corrupted. I have got the ghost images on the laptop hard disk as for some reason the cd drive does not work when it is restoring could this be causing it I am not sure. The OS of the laptop is xp service pack 2
I have tried another laptop and the result the same. I have tried to restore it about 6 times now and have been very close to throwing it at the wall on several occasions. If you can help I would be grateful.

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There are experts with the Ghost product in the Norton Community site. Here is the link -

Try searching for your issue first before posting. There may have been an issue like yours solved already.