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Hold Queue of ONE HOUR or more for enterprise "support" is not OK!

Seriously, Symantec, that's shameful.  If you treat your enterprise customers (not to mention your overseas support staff who have to deal with angry customers who've listened to Journey and Michael Jackson for an hour while being constantly told their call is important to Symantec despite obvious evidence to the contrary) this badly, I can't imagine what it must be like for the poor consumer-grade customers who probably have to book about a week of hold time on their cellphones.

Look, you've outsourced ALL your phone support OVERSEAS where labor is supposedly CHEAP.  And now you continue to scrimp on even that.  It's obvious that Symantec would rather do anything besides honor its contracts.  Disgusting.

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there is alternative option

there is alternative option to open a case using unless you want to talk to the technician

Web support suits some needs, but not all

And that's what phone "support" is supposed to do.  In that regard, Symantec is failing badly, always has, cheaping out wherever possible.

:-), i agree there is long

:-), i agree there is long hold sometime when we call support centres, do you see slow response to your email related to queries, usually it's quick when you send mail to enterprise support

Agree to disagree.

To Mike Ely,

I do agree that Symantec Support team has a long hold time. But it is best as well to look for alternative while waiting for the consultant just like the advise of pete_4u2002 mentioned. Creating a case first and then call  to do a follow-up is also helpful or using the support ID on set of the call.

We hope that Technical Support Team will also raise this issue to their respective seniors for a resolution.


@ Mike, While waiting for

@ Mike,

While waiting for support to answer, try posting your issue here in Connect. Many times users get answers or solutions faster when using the community for help. We are all here to help users like yourself.




I tried that one, the crickets are still chirping


It's interesting - I've got the modified RMAN script located in the right place, done what I needed to with AgentConfig, and still BUE ignores.

For what it's worth, I always try the forum first before the call for the reason listed in the title of this thread.

Amusing anecdote regarding "call back" feature

This time the hold queues were not short so I pressed 9 to have a call back.  About ten minutes later, I did get a call back from Symantec (with phony CallerID info, but that's a whole other issue).  Anyhow, the guy confirms my name and the details of the ticket, and then says "Please hold for the next available technician."  Yep, right back to long hold queues.


Like, what's the point of the callback feature if all that happens is you get put back on hold?!

I bumped the thread back to

I bumped the thread back to the top. Let's see if anyone chimes in this time.




We'll see how it goes...

One hour on hold is

One hour on hold is unacceptable even though you already have an open ticket. I hope that the support team will do something regarding this issue.

There are also some representative that is not willing to help customer. Please listen to the issue first before transferring the person to other department.

I agree!!

I am so fed up with Symantec right now. I never had this problem with Veritas for Backup Exec! We pay extra for support and everything and yet our support is racking up to 3 hour hold time just TODAY. I opened the ticket on the 4th, waited for 1.3 hours, I hung up, I HAD TO GET BACK TO WORK! Then I emailed the guy because he decided to call me back while I was away go figure, but it was like 4 hours later anyway!

I call back, no answer. I email him, he emails me some short links that are unrelated to my problem. He never calls me back. I let a few days pass just in case. Nothing. I call again, wait another 2hrs since "my technician is not available." I hang up because now it is time for me to do other things at work again.

I call today, same, I've already waited 3+ hours. I am seriously considering looking for an alternative.

EDIT: Saying that we should look for support here is ridiculous though. We pay for phone support because that is what we need. Saying the forum would be "faster" doesn't make any sense--maybe relative to how long support calls are, but phone support is paid for so you can receive fast support for something so important as Backups!

Use your time wisely

While holding for "Enterprise" support for Backup Exec, I decided to do something productive. I Purchased/Downloaded & installed Acronis backup software! I even was able to test the very thing I was having problems with BUE...

Just for fun, and becasue I had time to kill, I also called Acronis support and actually talked to a support rep. Not renewing my Symantec support next year, that's for sure.   

If we're to pay a premium for "Enterprise" class software and a fortune for anuall support, we should get something for that expense, especially for mission critical backup software. Fed Up. 

This is Ridiculous

I was in the queue for an hour before I lost patience and hung up. I called back and was told that I was first in the queue but still did not get a technician. On the third call I was disconnected. The support is not worth the money we are paying!

...if that happens, then call

...if that happens, then call back, give them the case number, and escalate it higher up the priority list!

WOW, I've spent over 7 hours

WOW, I've spent over 7 hours trying to get support, I was promised that an engineer will call back, which they failed to return my call. I spoken to two Duty managers which also promise a call back at a specfied time. They failed to call and emailed me instead advising another call back at a later specified time. When I did finally get through to an engineer, The engineer had a problem with his Webex and support was very limited. I was forced to take screenshots of error messages etc etc and to email it to him. I call back again to speak to the duty manager and spent another hour on hold, I got through to the duty manager and begged him to find a engineer with a working webex to remote into server which I still waited for 45 minutes.  I seriously lost my patiences with this product 


1. On hold over 7 hours

2. Engineer's Tool Webex doesn't work

3.Calls never return on time

Im questioning myself did I call Symantec or somebody else for suport?????

I hope Tech Team can find a

I hope Tech Team can find a way to solve this issue.

In my personal view, the web

In my personal view, the web channel is more faster and reliable than voice-based call centers. When I say this I can substantiate more on reliability and veracity of the information from the web channel.