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How do I change the root directory for live update admin 2.3

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I am new to symantec, so please bare with me. I currently have Live update administrator 2.3 installed on a test server. I would like a 2nd test server to download updates from it. I notice when you goto configure -> source servers you can add a a custom source server. My issue comes from the root directory. It will only accept either clu-test or clu-prod. If I enter anything else it says test failed. Where can I go to edit the root directories that LUA will use?



P.S. I've already read the manual and a support page on this issue:


Level 4

that will be cluprod

check this discusssion


If you want to download definitions of Liveupdate A to Liveupdate B

Then in the Download URL of Liveupdate server B put the Distribution URL for Liveupdate server A ( hhtp://luServerA:8080/Clu-Prod )

instead of