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How to add ghost image to Windows PE.

Hi My Freinds,

I made an image for a computer using Ghost2k3. My customer want to make a DVD which can boot and restore the image automatically. I used to make a DOS bootable and put ghost2k3 and images on same DVD, but I could not find DVD ROM ( AHCI ) driver for DOS anymore, I want to use Windows PE. Could you please tell me how to add ghost images in Windows PE and restore automatically. I also need to change SID. I'll appreciate any help. 


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A few months back, we tried

A few months back, we tried this and was successful in it.
You need WAIK, which you can download from microsoft site, mount the WinPe file, and addyour ghost image in it.

for my convienece i have added a batch file in it, which points to another batch file (in which i point to image or operations i want to perform).
So, every time i need not to modify a PEwim file, just edit the batch file and perform desire operations.

Thank you arjain, Did you

Thank you arjain,

Did you just add ghost image files to Winpe\Windows folder before burn it to DVD? I heard that Windows PE  can not hadle big files, because it loads everything into memory. My image files are 3G in size. Could you please send me an example of the batch file?



actually i created the image

actually i created the image for C drive, and when ever i need to revert i executed the Win PE and deployed the image on drive C
as the image was for Windows xp so it was not more than 1.2 GB, and it kept the drive D, and have ot burn it on disc.

So, i think you can create a batch file in Winpe and when Win PE is loaded call he batch fike so that it will use the image directly from the disc.
In this way you will not have Win PE with a large size.

check this link if your

Can you send the .bat file to

Can you send the .bat file to me 

Batch file contains following

Batch file contains following lines:
REM wait for 30 seconds.
ping -n 30 > NUL
cd \ghost
REM deploy image on first partition.
ghost32 -clone,mode=prestore,src=e:\Image.GHO:1,dst=1:1 -batch -sure -rb

ghost 2003 and optical SATA drive

You can use Ghost 2003 on bootable CD/DVD. In order to recognise optical SATA drive you have to change BIOS settings. Depends on your computer, it could say something like IDE emulation.