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How to block Babylon, 7Pic and Sweetimm

I am having a real struggle in stopping Babylon, 7Picuploader and some other crap called Trust (sweetimm) ending up on my XP based desktop. Sweetimm is interesting, it blows kisses at me! I have the latest version of Norton Interenet Security and am a little pissed off that it does not pick up these intrusions. Previous versions of the software allowed me to block this junk manually but this latest version doesn't. I can disable the Norton Firewall and use the Microsoft one which will work but it is not exactly a good solution. I have removed all files manually from my PC that relate to these programms, including all the hidden files but this rubbish still gets back and installs. There must be a way that Norton IS can be configured to stop these intrusions? 

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Duplicate post, please see my

Duplicate post, please see my reply here-