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Infoblox and option 60

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In our Infoblox - environment the IP phones owns option 43. Hence i needed a way to point clients (Force boot) to Altiris PXE servers without IP helpers, while preserving IP phones option 43. Heres how i did:

Our Altiris server is at ip  In Infoblox Hex the Altiris way this is  6:1:B:8:7:AA:AA:1:0A:2E:6C:CF 

                                                                                                            (option 6=1=11 Option 8=7=AA AA(Altiris) 1 and ip in  HEX)

That is the "network" option 43 and bootfile  is


bootserver is


That accounts for the "Fixed Address" clients. Now the Scope (which includes the IP Phones):

Global option 43 is normal option 43 for the IP Phones  And then the trick :) IPv4 filter "option filter" ;

set filter = option 60= PXEClient:Arch:00000:UNDI:00200 and the put the option 43 above AND the Bootfile settings above into this filter.


Now the phones gets the unfiltered option 43 and the PXE clients gets the other...


The above could have saved med hours and hours of headache. Hope it can halp somebodu out there.