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LUA to LUA with ftp port

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Hi All....

Good day.....


Can anyone can help sharing about how if we want to do configuration download updates definition form LUA  to LUA using ftp port, by default only be performed with the http port and ftp port for fileover.

Is possible to use the port ftp as a master and http as fileover.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Agus Bahtiar


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Hi Pete....


Thank's for your comment...

If you can provide solutions that are more specific, your web show is complete but it seems no one has really answered my question.

Actually can if we want to update the configuration definition of LUA to LUA using ftp port as a master rather than as faileover.

If can, how...????????

Seems hard to find a solution on Symantec, too round and round.

Sometimes that is easy to be hard and difficult to be more difficult after seeing the knowledge base, I become dizzy.

Is not there a reliable technicians at Symantec, and if they do not read this forum, I occasionally send a letter to Enterprise support if necessary, but instead diverted, it is true I'm wrong place, but if I send it directly to the support and the answer is sometimes disappointing.