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Members giving frequent bad advice?

Level 6

Thinking in the abstract here - not attacking anyone in particular.

Today I got to thinking - is there any process to deal with forum members who repeatedly give bad or unhelpful advice?
I know there's the voting ability on posts, so it would be easy for The-Powers-That-Be to locate members who consistently get negative ratings.

I fear that the points given for posting here are tempting some to fire off replies without fully reading or thinking about the issue at hand.

Perhaps a penalty system to negate points on posts with a certain level of negative rating? 

Any thoughts?


Accepted Solutions

Level 6
You can check out the details of the new rewards system here.

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Level 6
Yes, there are processes in place, and we're currently refining them. We're going to be updating those processes in the near future. Watch for changes coming soon that address this situation.


Level 5
 Hi Mitch.  We hear you.  In the next few days we are going to roll out a new points program that will reduce the incentive of individual users to make these posts.  The quick explanation is points will be awarded for good content (solved posts, good suggestions, good articles) not arbitrarily for ANY content.  This means that good content can actually earn more points than it does today and bad content won't earn any points at all.  Stay tuned for more details...  

Level 3
i beleive there might be a user who is trying to solve the issue with his best skills but unable to help.
so rather than voting for up/down, it should be helpful, somewhat helpful, not helpful and points should be awarded according to vote and page visited by users who are directed from search engines.
there are many ppl who do browse site to get an answer and will generally create a login id just to vote.
so by the number of page visited web masters will also have the idea how much pppl are able to solve problem and should get award accordingly

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The website has an similar gauge for forum feedback on their news items, letting even unregistered users click on a thumbs up disagree button and a thumbs up agree and lists the counts of both. The ability to sort by that rating here would be very useful.

Level 6
You can check out the details of the new rewards system here.

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