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NEVER HAPPEN.  They already

NEVER HAPPEN.  They already have a security business they've invested tens of millions into.  If Symantec were ripe for a purchase, it wouldnt be the security business, they would be better selling off the storage foundation business, even getting out of backup, and just focus on security.  Do you know how many security acquisitions Symantec has made in the last few years?  


Perhaps IBM or Oracle would be better suiters actually.  


Security acquisitions

Last I knew of is that Symantec bought some encryption. I also saw some new services offered in their website. Not sure if it was acquired or was spawned from within.


There's a lot new symantec

There's a lot new symantec product the last time I look at the website. Is Microsoft really trying to buy Symantec? What will happen to the backups then?


It's rumor!  Nothing more.

It's rumor!  Nothing more.  Though in general, Symantec has too many products to manage and run effectively.  They really should trim the fat so to speak, sell some product lines off, and focus on making better software, not having a broad portfolio.  


Only if it their support gets

Only if it their support gets better and their hold time is <40mins.


It may seem that Symantec

It may seem that Symantec also has too many products, but Symantec's goal is to ultimately provide high security and high availability - or minimal IT related risk. Key phrase here is "Minimal risk". And I don't think that their support is lacking. You may want to look into other value added services in terms of support offered by the company that could suit your company's needs for the time being.


I think that it would be very

I think that it would be very interesting if Microsoft and Symantec will work together in alliance in some areas. E.g. systems management.

I agree on that. Alliance

I agree on that. Alliance when it comes to better performance for Symantecs products on a Microsoft environment - optimization and lesser resource requirments. AV vendors do share information when it comes to the overall IT security.

But MS owning Symantec and then offering watered down versions of Symantec Products as their own. No.


Symantec is a company that

Symantec is a company that has bought many small and bigger companies in recent past and keeps buying..There is no way Symantec will sell out anything


Money talks...believe me. Ask

Money talks...believe me. Ask McAfee who were bought out by Intel.

I don't see it happening either...there hasn't been much noise in the news about it, and I really believe that if MS was serious, this would be front-page news all over the Internet.

Symantec just specialises in too many areas for MS to be able to utilise that...unless they buy them out and sell them off piece by piece...sort of break them up into what they want...


Any thing can happen. But the

Any thing can happen. But the main thing is Product should work fine Smiley Happy


I'm still steamed that

I'm still steamed that Symantec acquired Norton. I want my Norton Commander back! Peter had it right. But, alas, someone got greedy.