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NIS2011 "Settings" not opening and working in Windows XP and Windows 7

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I don't know what problem is it but my Norton Internet Security 2011 "Settings" Tab is not working and whenever I click it it starts One Click support which ends in vain telling error in connection. Initially I was having XP and installed the NIS2011 and faced same problem. A day or two ago I installed Windows 7 Ultimate and installed NIS 2011 in it (I am running on dual boot now). I have scanned for problems, downloaded latest patches but I am stuck. I want  to set the security preferences of my needs and I am now unable to do so in this situation. I also did an online support session but to no success. Please help me as I don't want to Uninstall-Re-install NIS2011 (as I have already tried it earlier).

Hope to get a good response quickly



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Check this Norton Community thread that has a solution for your exact error.

You should be posting in that community, as this forum is for Enterprise product support. There are many experts with NIS in the Norton Community to help you.


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