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Norton AV locked up a file on my hard drive.

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Hi, I'm new to this website, and I'm not sure where this topic should go; in fact, I find navigation on Symantec Connect to be the worst, and least obvious that I have ever encountered.  Plus it wouldn't let me change my password; what is "field {0} required"?  Actually, as long as I'm PO'd: when I find a new virus, that NIS doesn't detect, it won't let me submit it to Symantec via the quarantine.  I usually end up sending it to McAffee in a zip, because they actually accept and answer emails.  


Okay, my problem: I downloaded a 700mb .AVI video file that did not have a file extension on it.

I found that the file was locked, and could not be found or accessed by the system (WinXP-SP3).

It could not be deleted or renamed either.  File-unlocker couldn't access it either.  So, I renamed the folder it was in, and made a new folder of its previous name, and moved my stuff to the new folder.

At some point, I found the file in NIS 2005's quarantine.  It had been flagged as a virus.  I restored it, remembering after the fact that I had created a new folder.  So, I got the lost .avi file back in the new folder, but the old locked file is still tying up space in the old folder.

How can I get rid of it short of reformatting my entire hard drive?





Level 6

Hi, You are in the wrong community. For Norton issues visit the Norton Community. This Forum is for Enterprise product support.


You should also consider upgrading off NIS 2005, that product is very old and is not designed to catch todays modern threats.



Level 2

Thanks, I'll try the other forum.