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Norton Internet Security 10

Level 3

I am using OWA for reading and sending e-mails for my company. Two days ago I made a Norton check for viruses over my computer and just like this all my inbox items have been disappeared. I have checked every single folder of my OWA mailbox but no chance to find them! Is there any way to get them back from Norton Antivirus History (because I assume they were removed because of Norton Scan).


Level 6

OWA is is a webmail service, Norton would not be able to remove the files from the mail server. Did you make any changes to your browser? Windows updates? Have you rebooted? You should post your issue in the Norton Community. There are experts there that can help you.  This forum is mainly for our Enterprise Product support.


Level 2
I agree with Thomas. If the program has a client installed on your computer still in that case any thing deleted by Norton will be in the virus/quarantine history and you can restore it. If it is not in history then you are using a web based email system in which case you need to contact your webmail service provider. Norton has nothing to do with it. Good luck.

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