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Norton Security Suite V.4 live update problem.

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     I downloaded Norton 360 Version 4. Its the Comcast version. It has been running great ! Well, until i turned on my PC the other day and my definitions are 3 days old and out of date.  When i click fix  Norton does its live update. When its done, I get a message saying, "failed to check for some updates." Before I subscribed to Comcast. I was using AT&T Uverse. I had bought my own version of Norton 360 V.4 and it would do the same thing. It is installed on Windows 7 Ultimate. The Comcast version is installed on my laptop running XP Pro. Both still have the same problem  definitions out of date. Ever since V.4 has come out. I have had problems with this problem. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Norton 360 V.4 and it will run good for awhile and then it will not update my definitions. I get the attention fix alert. I have had a Norton tech desktop connect and update my files. That worked ,but couple weeks later i get  the same attention alert. My date and time are correct. I had Norton 360 V.3 before and never had trouble till V. 4 came out. Maybe its me maybe not. I am just wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem? Is there any tips that anyone has or where on Norton can i manually update my definitions?

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Please  visit the Norton Community for 360 support. This forum is for Symantec Enterprise Product support.


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You can call Norton Department at 1-800-695-0678 opt2 for further assistance.