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Norton products

I DON'T NO WHERE ELSE TO GET THIS INFORMATION SO I  HOPE SOMEONE HERE CAN HELP ME OUT.  I do much sales for Norton products to consumers and I just opened up a computer repair store front in which we will start doing buainess sales. For myconsumer clients I need posters and marketing material for the Norton products, how do I get marketing material for the Norton products.

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You should probably become a

You should probably become a partner first:

and then ask your partner manager about this ;)


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I'm already a registered

I'm already a registered member of partnernet but never really utilized it until now. We are getting serious about this because we have a store front now. The site is very vast and confusing at times (or I just don't have the patience) trying to find what I need. I know our last software purchase was from D&H AND WE DON'T WANT TO GET ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL WE GET THE PROPER sales material for promoting what we have purchased. How do I get in touch with the partner manager....I'm sure I'm going to get put thru the ringer to get this stuff.

 You might try posting this

 You might try posting this question over in the partner forums: