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Noton Tech Disabled my computer

Level 2

On 9/27/09 a Norton Technican attempted to uninstall and install Norton 360 because after I renewed my subscription the program wasn't updating.  After a hour on my computer Mary Lolo, disabled my Windows software by messing around with the System configuration.  It's been 8 days with no computer.  I've been told the research dept. is working on fixing my computer but no one will call me back.  My credit card has been charged nearly $200 and I have no operable computer.  HELP anyone!!!  I've send emails and called them and no one will help!!!



Level 2

They just called and said I'll have to find someone to re-install Windows and they can't help me!
They trashed my computer and now they tell me "too bad" there is nothing we can do!

Level 5
Employee Accredited
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