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Old version of symantec for Domino 3.1

Level 2

I've currently got an issue with some old mail servers which were running Antivirus/Filtering for Domino 3.1.

When I liveupdate these servers it says they are fully up to date, however I suspect they are out of license due to being replaced some time ago.

I'm aware this is a long shot but is there any support still available for these ancient servers. We're currently on Domino 6.5 and your latest software will only support domino 7 onwards. If we had to buy licenses for a product that did support 6.5 that would be fine.

I'm really looking for what options I have here - I need something in the short term. Is there media available for a product which can cover me? We run Windows server 2003.


Level 6
You should contact licensing for help with this.

1-800-721-3934 and select option 2

Symantec Mail Security for Domino

Level 5
Call the number that was provided by Cycletech and we'll check if you can get a media or if we can request a media for your product.