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On server 2012 r2 services stopped problem

Hello to everyone.

My operating system is server 2012 r2 and worked with a domain

I am Installed Symantec Backup exec 15 

After system restarting. my system software open with 4 services stopped error .. 

- Backup Exec MAnagement Service

- Backup Exec Job Engine

- Backup Exec Agent Browser

- Backup Exec Server

I am update all recommended windows and SQL updates

But I can't solved the problem ..

Thank's for all explanations

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Re: On server 2012 r2 services stopped problem

Are you using a domain account with Domain Admins rights as a minimum?

If not, create an account in Active Directory, give it Domain Admin rights, and then open up beutility.exe. Right-click the server name and choose the option to change the service account. Enter in these details, and let beutility.exe change the BESA.

See if the services start up again.