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PCA 12.5

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Basic Q.
I am about to travel for 3 months and want to just connect to my SBS 2003 server..mainly to update and send and receive via Outlook Exchange as there are so many different boxes. I want to run 2 laptops simulataneously connecting via PCA so my wife and I can share workload as we handle many emails everyday (several hundred).. I am told i cannot do this i.e. we cannot connect 2 x laptops to PCA unless we have VPN in outs available on router and set this true (we do not access to desktops on host network-just the server where mail resides)

System Spces for laptops are
1 x Vista Ultimate running OFF 2007 and PCA 12.5
1 x I7 running windows7 Premium running 2007 and PCA 12.5

Can anyone see any issues or is this just shop talk.. My router is a Cisco 857 which has 5 VPN tunnels..
Please help me as i need to run my biz when i away.


Level 6

Unfortunately PCA 12.5 does not support Windows 7 at this time. There should be a hot-fix in the next month or two that will add Windows 7 support.