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PGP Desktop WDE - unable to decrypt

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I have been running PGP Desktop whole disk encryption on my Sony Vaio notebook for over a year with no problems. Yesterday Windows Update installed updates to Windows 7 and now will not boot due to a corrupted or missing file. PGP login advanced says I am using version 10.0.3 (build 1). I downloaded the 10.0.3 recovery file from the website and burned it to a DVD usion Roxio. The laptop boots from the CD but when I type in the passphrase, I get the message "some requied files are missing or corrupted. You may be able to continue through the Advanced menu or recovery tool. Press any key to return..."  What can I do to get my drive decrypted?


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Do you got other computers connected to the server and they are also encrypted? then you can use another computer to access the disk Connect the unaccessable disk to this computer and login with this user credentials. Now you will be able to access Your disk with Your credentials. Save Your files, reinstall Your pc and encrypt again. However, this is the way I solved the loose of data aftet the same issue as you.