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Packed.Generic.200 and Spyware Protect 2009 - PLEASE HELP

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OK, here is the deal. Yesterday while troubleshooting something with Apple (iTunes), I was instructed to disable my Norton 360. When I enabled Norton, I noticed something "funny" about my computer performance. Next Spyware Protect 2009 popped up, and I was unable to reach internet sites. I ran Norton 360 and it found Packed.Generic.200. I researched for hours looking for an easy fix, no such luck.

I turned off my pc and disconnected the internet and went to work this morning. Upon arriving home to try to "fix" it, I found that now my computer will not advance past the Windows XP startup screen.

I was able to start the PC in safe mode (F8) method. Here I ran AVG per a request from a friend. AVG found and removed 15 files including several trojans. Hoping that this fixed everything, I tried to restart, but the computer will not advance past the sign on screen.

I attempted to install Malwarebytes in safe mode but the install locks up at the end of the process.

I was able to download AVAST and run it in safe mode. Upon starting it finds a virus and states that I have a virus in the operating memory, and asks to run in boot mode. I say yes. Upon completion, a menu pops up asking me to select 1-9 or press esc to exit. Unfortunately, my keyboard would not work so I had to power down the computer.

Is this virus disabling my input devices so that I cannot remove it?

I even tried an "old fashioned" keyboard (non usb) but that wouldn't work either.

What do I do now?

I'm extremely new at this, and have never experienced or troubleshot a virus before. I have many gigs of music and family photos on the pc that I don't want to lose.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You may want to try posting your question in the Norton community. ( You may be able to find someone there who knows how to help. (This community is primarily for Symantec business products.)

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SEP 11 is detecting packed.generic.200 on one of my machines.  SEP claims it deletes the .dll, but it appears again in subsequent scans.  I also notice that manual scans from the management console abruptly end once it picks up the infected file (uacxbuewisxrmkvjlw.dll).  When scanning locally, the scan abruptly end when scanning what looks like an IP address (  Each time detecting packed.generic.200.  Scanning in safe mode makes no difference.

Malwarebytes will not install. 

Symantec detects packed.generic.200, why can't it actually delete it?

Any help provided is much appreciated - Thanks,