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PartnerNet Internal License Program Form Issues

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I'm trying to get some software through the internal license program as part of PartnerNet. We are a Platinum Partner however when I have selected this in the form it says that there is no products available for the selected partner type, this is the same for all other partner types.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and are Symantec aware of it?


Level 5
 I'm moving this question to the partner community forum where we can better address this particular issue.

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Hi Stumyster007:
First off, thank you for your partnership!   Now, let’s see if we can help solve your situation.   
When you go to the Internal License page on PartnerNet, you’ll want to complete the fields above the product section first.  As you do this, the system will “recognize” you and feature the internal licenses available based on the information provided.  If you go straight to the product section without completing the above fields, the product section won’t display any products available.  
If you have already done this, and you’re still not seeing any products displayed, please email us at  Our team will work with you to resolve the situation, and determine why this may be occurring.
Best wishes!!