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Please Help... Symantec A/V Eating All Free Disk Space

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Hello- We're running Symantec AV Corp Edition I know this is no longer supported and we are working to upgrade this. However, I'm hoping to get some assistance with an issue. Bascially all free disk space is completely eaten up by growing  tmp, vdb, xdb, wdb, virus defs etc.


The application is running on Windows Server 2k3. I have uninstalled the program, removed all folders and definition files and then reinstalled. Not long after, the disk space goes down to zero. I was told that there was a program that I could obtain from Symantec that would resolve this... not sure if this is correct, but Symantec tech support is unable to assist because this version is no longer support, nor do we have a contract on this version.


If anyone could offer any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help and time...




Level 6

Hi Ronnie, is this SAV managed by SEPM server or is this just unmanaged ?