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Yesterday I had been visited a site where I received a  program that I did not acepted. For any reason is in my computer now, and  dont let me in anywhere. It has been in coming every ten seconds or less. No matter that I have Norton Anti virus, this site has been insisting in enter in my computer. The site has been pop-up, and I dont know what I have to do to erase. Do you know if exist, or how can I block permantely this site . My norton only has been saying that I dont have any virus, but I can not control the pop up

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You'll want to ask your question in the Norton community:

This site is primarily for users of Symantec's business software.

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Which browser services u r using. If it is IE just restore the Advance settings

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Have you try to add the site to the restricted site, in the security tab of the internet options.

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try to scan with hijackthis

download it, the link is below.

after download, install it then run the application.

hope it helps



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Hi did you run any free online scanners.  One you can run is from Trend Micro called House call, link is below.  See if that cleans up the mess.
Good luck.

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It may be an application that was installed and expired.
Different ways to stop it.

1. msconfig-startup-uncheck it.
2. Remove it through control panel.
3. Run a virus scan

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