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Program unable to run after Norton Deleted SOSGENERALCONTROLS.OCX

Level 2
I have this program installed in my pc that uses SOSGENERALCONTROLS.OCX. But during one of the regular virus scan, this system file SOSGENERALCONTROLS.OCX was actually deleted without any warning. Since then, i am able to run this program. Even when i reinstall, it will encounter program unable to rename this installation file also. 
The only solution i have is to uninstall symantec anti-virus, delete the registry, then i be able to install back my program successfully.
Any experts out there to solve my problem? thanks.

Level 6
What is the program that you are trying to run? What version of Norton are you running?

You can submit this file to SYmantec for analysis at

If the file is clean then you can submit a false positive at

You should post your Norton Issue in the Norton Community site as well.


Level 2
It is a customised program created using one of Microsoft Programming language. This file is required when running the installation file.
Thanks for your advice.